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The advantages you get while getting services from Area Rug Clean Manhattan.

With a remarkable experience of 20+ years, Area Rug Clean Manhattan has perfected its upholstery and furniture cleaning methods developing a thorough knowledge of upholstery and furniture and their deep-down cleaning and stain removing techniques. We service the entire Manhattan, Bronx and Riverdale areas.

• We offer the best results in upholstery and furniture cleaning in the Manhattan area. We offer the perfect wash in the first place while assuring your complete satisfaction. Plus, our services are backed by re-cleaning in case you feel the need for it.
• Our technicians are trained and educated experts of their fields who are background investigated before hiring. Our team is very punctual, reliable, and expeditious who works professionally catering to all the upholstery and furniture cleaning requirements.
• Our services are tailored to meet your special requirements. We check the manufacturer's directions before we begin the upholstery and furniture cleaning process to prevent any mishap.
• You can add the advanced services of repairing, sanitizing, deodorizing, stain-resistance, or fabric protection to enhance the look and feel of your upholstery and furniture in the long term.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan's 8-stepped upholstery and furniture cleaning procedure:

Pre-inspection - In pre-inspection, our technician visits your place to analyze the fabric, quality, and condition of furniture upholstery and furniture. This helps us to choose the right cleaning method for the upholstery and furniture as well as to quote the right price for its cleaning. Once the service is finalized, we move on to the next steps.

Fabric dyes testing - Since cleaning often results in dyes loss from the fabric which gives it a worn or faded look. Our technicians perform a little test on the upholstery and furniture fabric to determine the strength of dyes. This will help us later in choosing the right washing solution for the fabric dye type and thus prevent any color loss.

Preconditioning of fabric - A preconditioning agent is sprayed all over the upholstery and furniture to agitate and dissolve the dirt as well as staining particles from its fabric. Soft brushes are used to gently rub the surface and extract all the dirt out of the upholstery and furniture in the conditioning solution.

Soil removal - The conditioner is extracted from the upholstery and furniture fabric containing all the soil and stain. An ample amount of water is sprayed on the upholstery and furniture fabric which rinses it nicely removing any leftover dirt. Commercial vacuum machines are used to extract the dirt-containing solution from the upholstery and furniture. The whole process is continuously monitored to assure complete removal of soil and the best quality cleaning.

Spot treatment - This step is performed in case some stubborn stains are still left on the upholstery and furniture surface. These stains are retreated with a stronger cleaning agent and rubbed carefully. The stain is retreated until it is completely gone. All the protocols for fabric and dyes safety are kept in view while performing this task.

Fabric protection - We offer certain treatments for fabric safety and longevity. Our stain-resistant formula keeps the fabric safe from easy staining and also repels spills. The fabric protector spray keeps the fibers soft and fresh while neutralizing the pH of the upholstery and furniture surface. It increases the lifespan of your upholstery and furniture and acts as a barrier against wear and tear.

Fabric drying - The water is already extracted using the strong pull of vacuum machines. Now we use high-velocity air dryers to evaporate the leftover water from the upholstery and furniture cloth. This decreases the drying time, making your upholstery and furniture available for use sooner. The removal of moisture also keeps it from developing waterborne odors and molds.

Post-inspection - The final inspection step helps us to assure the quality of service is up to the mark. We make sure the upholstery and furniture is stain-free and odorless. Your personal satisfaction adds to it.

Why Choose Area Rug Clean Manhattan?

• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Winning customer satisfaction has been our founding principle. We ensure your satisfaction by all means. If we ever fail to do so, we will resolve the issues you are facing.

• Easy Scheduling - We have made our scheduling process very convenient and flexible for our clients. We also provide our cleaning services in off-time or on weekends in order to meet your demands. Our team wraps up their work as quickly as possible to avoid any disturbance in your home or business activity.

• Timely Service - Our technicians are background-checked and highly professional towards their duties. We won’t waste your time ever. Our team will visit your home or office on the assigned date and time and get the job done in the assigned period.

• Committed Team - Our team responds quickly to your queries and requests. We help you choose the best home and office cleaning services suiting best to your budget.

• Advantage Over Competitors - We provide better pricing and quality services with a competitive advantage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and are fully trained to operate it well. Our cleaning is the best in the area and you will acknowledge that after availing of our services. We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 15%

• Maintenance Program - We help you keep your home and office clean and allergen-free by providing you long-time cleaning services. You can customize your home or office maintenance program by signing up with us. We provide you free reminders and bookings. Cancel anytime.

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