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We proudly present our window treatment cleaning services for residential as well as commercial sites. Since the start we have developed a wide experience of dealing with all types of fabrics in window treatment and hard stains. Our experience has helped us develop the most efficient and accurate window treatment cleaning method which not only cleans the window treatment efficiently but also prevents them from any further damage or dyes fading. We service the entire Manhattan, Bronx and Riverdale areas.

We entertain all kinds of issues related to draperies including stain removal, dust or dander removal, pollens treatment, smoke or pet accident odor removal, or soil extraction. Since draperies are large in size, they are often difficult to clean on your own. Moreover, the drapery fabric is also prone to damage and shrinkage if washed in excess of water. The dyes also fade away due to the strong chemical cleaners available in the market. Area Rug Clean Manhattan understands all these issues. That's why, it has devised an ultimate cleaning plan which cleans up the draperies, kills the allergens inhabiting its fabric, and also maintains its newness.

We offer cleaning for all window treatments:

• Drapery, Curtains and Sheers Cleaning - We clean drapery, curtains and sheers at in our facility with delicate cleaning. We remove and rehanging them.

• Blinds, Shades and Valances Cleaning - Blinds, shades and valances cleaning are very difficult to clean since each piece requires special attention. We clean each strip individually making it new.

• Austrians, Luminette and Silhouette Cleaning - We offer austrians, luminette and silhouette cleaning with our ultrasonic cleaning system which we do in our facility.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan's 7-step drapery cleaning method:

Pre-Inspection - We analyze the condition of the window treatment first. Our technicians identify the fabric type and quality to determine the right cleaning method required for window treatment cleaning. Along with that, we also recognize the condition of window treatment. This includes the nature of stains, sunlight damage, and their age. This helps us to make the right cost estimation as well as to be aware of the final results of the cleaning.

Pre-vacuuming - Vacuuming removes all the dry dirt and soil clinging to the window treatment fabric. We carefully go through the whole window treatment fabric cleaning each and every corner of it removing the maximum dry dirt out

Soil extraction - A special enzymatic solution is applied to the whole window treatment fabric. This is followed by soft rubbing of fabric with specially designed brushes. The leftover soil, dust, and dirt agitates and dissolves out of drapery fabric. The window treatment are left clean and dirt-free.

Stain removal - If there are some large stubborn stains, our technicians perform their cleaning with extra effort. A special strong liquid is used to clean these hard stains to remove them completely from the window treatment fabric. Each stain is treated individually until it is completely removed.

Rinsing and drying - We rinse the window treatment with a measured amount of water. The window treatment are not over wetted to prevent their shrinkage. Also, they are not under wetted that the solution remains inside. We remove all the stained particles out by vacuuming the solution with our strong extraction machines. This leaves the window treatment clean and dry

Fabric protection treatment - A fabric protector is sprayed all over the window treatment. This keeps them fresh and resists the formation of any new stain over their surface. This also repels spills and keeps staining liquids from developing permanent stains on window treatment fabric.

Post-inspection - Once the whole process is completed, we perform re-inspection of your window treatment to make sure they are looking at their best. If any stain is spotted, we perform re-treatment and wash it away. Your satisfied remarks conclude the whole process.

Why Choose Area Rug Clean Manhattan?

• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Winning customer satisfaction has been our founding principle. We ensure your satisfaction by all means. If we ever fail to do so, we will resolve the issues you are facing.

• Easy Scheduling - We have made our scheduling process very convenient and flexible for our clients. We also provide our cleaning services in off-time or on weekends in order to meet your demands. Our team wraps up their work as quickly as possible to avoid any disturbance in your home or business activity.

• Timely Service - Our technicians are background-checked and highly professional towards their duties. We won’t waste your time ever. Our team will visit your home or office on the assigned date and time and get the job done in the assigned period.

• Committed Team - Our team responds quickly to your queries and requests. We help you choose the best home and office cleaning services suiting best to your budget.

• Advantage Over Competitors - We provide better pricing and quality services with a competitive advantage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and are fully trained to operate it well. Our cleaning is the best in the area and you will acknowledge that after availing of our services. We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 15%

• Maintenance Program - We help you keep your home and office clean and allergen-free by providing you long-time cleaning services. You can customize your home or office maintenance program by signing up with us. We provide you free reminders and bookings. Cancel anytime.

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