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Pet urine and fecal matter leave very harmful consequences on your home carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and mattresses, not mention the environment as well. It destroys the indoor air quality and produces hard stains. If not cleaned early, it can leave permanent stains and irreparable damage to your carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and mattresses.

Pet stains

Urine has a low acidic pH at a scale of 5. This acidic pH is easy to be cleaned. However, if it is left for a longer time, the pH increases to 11 or more. This is alkaline in nature and is thus very difficult to be removed. The urine crystallizes in the carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and mattresses fabric making it very hard to be removed. Moreover, the bacteria love damp acidic spaces and they start growing there in abundance. The chemicals in urine such as ammonia can react with the carpet dyes changing their structure and thus resulting in permanent color damage and staining. The odors and bacteria can be removed but the dyes cannot be restored easily.

Pet odors

There are two main reasons for pet odors. The first one is due to bacteria living on the pet urine extracts. When the urine is fresh, it provides an ideal living condition for bacterial growth. Bacteria love damp dark places loaded with food. That's what pet urine provides them. The urine contains some proteins and peptides. Bacteria gain energy by breaking these down into amino acids, which become permanently embedded in fabric fibers. This decomposition process generates foul smells.

The second smell comes from the dead bodies of bacteria which are left on the carpet surface after all the urine has been decomposed. Since the dried crystals of urine are hydrophilic and attract the water from the surrounding, these combine with the moisture in the environment generating irritating ammonia gasses. The dried crystals of ammonia in urine leave a pungent smell of ammonia vapors when hydrated. This is the main reason why cleaning pet urine on your own creates additional odors instead of removing them completely. These smells are very unpleasant and dangerous for health as well.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan's 8-step cleaning process for pet stain and odor removal:

Identification of accident area - Our technicians identifies the stained odorous areas first by using their visual and olfactory senses. Later on, we use UV blue lights to identify the rest of the hidden urine infected areas. Our expert will also quote the exact estimates for the cleaning of all the unclean areas and then we'll begin the further processing.

Thorough cleaning of affected area - Our technicians starts by removing any physical presence of pet accidents such as urine solid crystals or poop. This surface cleaning is necessary so that it must not spread when hydrated.

Steam cleaning of affected area - Highly heated steam is used to penetrate the water in the affected area and soften the crystals for easy treatment. Since the ammonia crystals dissolve and convert into vapors, this creates an immediate mushy smell which is continuously removed using the air cleaning machine. Our technicians perform this step in a protected environment. The high temperature of steam also kills the bacteria living inside the carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and mattresses fabric.

Enzyme treatment of affected area - Special enzymes are used to dissolve the urine crystals and chemicals present in the affected area. These enzymes also kill the leftover bacteria and their remains. The specialty of this treatment is that it will clean up all the decomposed particles by further breaking them down into easily cleanable molecules.

Vacuuming - All the dissolved contaminants are removed out of the fabric fibers using powerful vacuuming. These vacuum machines are vehicle-mounted and can be moved all over the area to clean up all the mess. The steamed water has already dissolved the urine content and now it is pulled out of the area making it completely clean.

Vacuuming - All the dissolved contaminants are removed out of the fabric fibers using powerful vacuuming. These vacuum machines are vehicle-mounted and can be moved all over the area to clean up all the mess. The steamed water has already dissolved the urine content and now it is pulled out of the area making it completely clean.

Deodorization - The odors of pet accidents are completely removed. Deodorization helps to keep the air quality of your place clean and fragrant. You can customize your favorite deodorant according to your choice.

Drying - We dry the cleaned area completely. The high-velocity air machines evaporate all the leftover moisture in your home and thus prevent the growth of bacteria or molds in its place. This also makes your property readily available for use.

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