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You can always rely on Area Rug Clean Manhattan's experienced and professional technicians to deeply clean, disinfect, and sanitize your home or office for allergy purposes. Our cleaners have revolutionized the cleaning ideas using the best working methods of killing the germs and making your place safest for you, your family, and your pets. We clean all carpets, rugs, upholstery or window treatments for allergies.

As reported by CDC, more than 50 million people in America suffer from allergies. That means that 1 out of every 5 people in America are diagnosed with some form of allergy or infection. The percentage of these victims keeps on growing. Around 8 billion dollars are spent yearly to curb the illnesses caused by these allergens. These allergies are caused by certain environmental factors called 'allergens' which include pollens, dust mites, molds, animal dander, as well as poor air quality. These allergens can cause hay fever, hives, eczema, and breathing issues such as asthma. The continuous presence of these allergens in the environment can worsen the allergic conditions and can often prove life-threatening for you. These allergens mostly reside in your home where they are hidden in places such as carpets, rugs, upholstery or window treatments. You need to clean these areas regularly to avoid any interaction with them.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan provides you with professional allergy control and cleaning of your home or office. We especially target the areas where these allergens are camouflaged and kill them right at the spot. Our efficient solutions contain no chemicals or environmentally harmful products. Usually these allergens grow in damp areas. We offer perfect carpets, rugs, upholstery or window treatments cleaning and disinfection using a low moisture technique. Your inventories dry up earlier which keeps these allergens from colonizing in these areas. We service the entire Manhattan, Bronx and Riverdale areas.

We provide allergen control treatment for your whole house, especially including your carpets, rugs, upholstery or window treatments, etc.

How do the technicians at Area Rug Clean Manhattan ensure all the safety protocols are being followed to avoid the spread of any disease or infection?

• Our technicians follow all the health safety guidelines including hand washing, sanitizing, and using disinfecting wipes before coming to your place for inspection, meeting, or cleaning.

• We monitor the health of all our workers continue to ensure that they are free of any infections that may pollute your rugs and carpets otherwise. They respect the protocols of 6 feet distance and masks to keep the prevention.

• We regularly disinfect our cleaning equipment after every service to ensure the bacteria are not traveling from one area to another. Our disinfecting solutions are certified and approved for their excellent results.

• Our technicians come prepared with masks, gloves, booties, and jackets to keep their health safe. Since our technicians are safe from any infections, they don't cause the spreading of any foreign infectious agent at your place.

Why Choose Area Rug Clean Manhattan?

• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Winning customer satisfaction has been our founding principle. We ensure your satisfaction by all means. If we ever fail to do so, we will resolve the issues you are facing.

• Easy Scheduling - We have made our scheduling process very convenient and flexible for our clients. We also provide our cleaning services in off-time or on weekends in order to meet your demands. Our team wraps up their work as quickly as possible to avoid any disturbance in your home or business activity.

• Timely Service - Our technicians are background-checked and highly professional towards their duties. We won’t waste your time ever. Our team will visit your home or office on the assigned date and time and get the job done in the assigned period.

• Committed Team - Our team responds quickly to your queries and requests. We help you choose the best home and office cleaning services suiting best to your budget.

• Advantage Over Competitors - We provide better pricing and quality services with a competitive advantage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and are fully trained to operate it well. Our cleaning is the best in the area and you will acknowledge that after availing of our services. We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 15%

• Maintenance Program - We help you keep your home and office carpets, rugs, upholstery or window treatments clean and allergen-free by providing you long-time cleaning services. You can customize your home or office maintenance program by signing up with us. We provide you free reminders and bookings. Cancel anytime.

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