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Area Rug Clean Manhattan uses its special rug repairing and restoration techniques to improve your rugs' looks and save them from further damage.

Did you know rugs can last over 20+ years if cared for and maintained. Not storing your rug properly or laying it in high foot traffic areas will result in some damage. Your rug may get eaten by moths, it might suffer some water damage or fringe loss due to normal use. Such wear tears are casual in the life of rugs. Your pets may have an accident you did not notice on your rug and now it’s discolored, hole in your rug, worn spots, backing damaged and a whole lot of other damages. That's where Area Rug Clean Manhattan saves your rugs, showing you the magic in its craftsmanship. We turn your rugs clean and restore their fresh look. We service the entire Manhattan, Bronx and Riverdale areas.

Whenever you feel the need for your rug repaired or restored, you will look for some experienced and proven technicians to handle your precious piece. Area Rug Clean Manhattan matches all your requirements and is always ready to handle your claim. We are available 24/7 to serve your rug repair and restoration needs. We make sure to follow the industry's standards and customary policies. We work carefully to protect your inventory, your health, and your privacy. We carefully analyze and work in steps to get the best results in the end.

• Identify - We carefully analyze the entire rug and identify the areas requiring repairing or restoration. After identification, we mark the areas and propose the most suitable methods and pricing to you. You can choose from the different options we provide depending on your time and budget.

• Repairing and Restoration - We assign the tasks to our specialists. The technicians use their experience and skills to perform their duties as best as they can.

• Re-Inspection - Once the rug is repaired or restored it is re-inspected to make sure the work is done precisely. If some area is left or feels unsatisfying we repeat the process until your requirements are met properly.

• Packaging and Delivery - We pack the rugs nicely to make sure they do not suffer any damage during delivering process. You can also store your rugs in the same packaging if you don't want to put them into use immediately.

Types of rug repair and restoration we offer:

We offer repair and restore all rugs:

Re-Weaving - If your rug is suffering untying of knots and weave disruption, it is an alarming condition. The loss may look little at the start but it may double with time. We reweave the knot loss areas tightly in order to prevent further unraveling and secure it for long.

Overcasting - You can prevent fraying of your rugs from their edges by getting the overcasting security. Our technicians use threads of exactly the same color as the rug and overcast the edges properly saving them from future fringe loss or unraveling.

Binding - If you want to secure your rug edges with cloth instead of fringes or threads, Area Rug Clean Manhattan can help you with it. Our technicians use cloth or laces with very similar color, texture, and design as the rug itself and secure all sides of the rug properly.

Patching - If your rugs suffer from holes or cuts, we can help you with that. This process is comparatively cheaper than re-weaving. We use similar patches of rugs and sew them in the place of the hole making it unnoticeable and complete.

Hooking And Hanging - Antique rugs don't always look beautiful on floors but they can also be used to hang on the wall for interior decor. If you have a rug that you would like to use for wall covering, our technicians can help you out. Hanging often results in rug damage due to uneven weight distribution and edge turning. We secure the edges properly and save them from any such issue.

Fringe Repair And Replacement - Fringy rugs look pretty but they also cause problems such as getting stuck with hooks and nails. This results in fringe loss as well as rug tearing resulting in a frayed look. We repair the fringes or replace them with the same type and color.

Water Damage - Water damage on the rug is followed by unpleasant smells and mold growth on it. This can make your rug looking dirty and smell musty. We clean, repair, and restore your water-damaged rugs. Along with that, we remove all kinds of moisture from it in order to prevent fungus or mold growth.

Fire/Smoke Damage - Fire not only burn your rugs but also leaves an acrid smell in them. This smell can lead to health problems. We restore your burnt rugs and also remove any sort of smoky smell from them which may cause irritated asthma or other breathing issues for you.

Moth Damage - Moth loves to eat through fabrics. If they take over a rug, they can damage it quickly. Moths usually attack rugs placed in storage or under furniture. You need to seek help immediately if you find any moth-eaten rugs. Our technicians also treat moth-eaten rugs, repair them, and keep them safe for the future by spraying efficient chemical free moth repellent solutions on them.

Dyeing - Some rugs have weak dyes and their color fades away with time. Regular washing also takes away the hydrophilic dyes and leaves a rug looking older. We help you maintain the uniqueness of your favorite rug by re-dyeing your rugs using the same shades in the original piece. We also offer abrash dyeing which is specifically designed for Persian and antique rugs. Our dyes are strong and don't spread or fade.

Why Choose Area Rug Clean Manhattan?

• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Winning customer satisfaction has been our founding principle. We ensure your satisfaction by all means. If we ever fail to do so, we will resolve the issues you are facing.

• Easy Scheduling - We have made our scheduling process very convenient and flexible for our clients. We also provide our services in off-time or on weekends in order to meet your demands. Our team wraps up their work as quickly as possible to avoid any disturbance in your home or business activity.

• Timely Service - Our technicians are background-checked and highly professional towards their duties. We won’t waste your time ever. Our team will visit your home or office on the assigned date and time and get the job done in the assigned period.

• Committed Team - Our team responds quickly to your queries and requests. We help you choose the best home and office services suiting best to your budget.

• Advantage Over Competitors - We provide better pricing and quality services with a competitive advantage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and are fully trained to operate it well. Our rug repairs and restorations are the best in the area and you will acknowledge that after availing of our services. We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 15%

• Maintenance Program - We help you keep your home and office clean and allergen-free by providing you long-time cleaning services. You can customize your home or office maintenance program by signing up with us. We provide you free reminders and bookings. Cancel anytime.

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