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Mattresses are a vital component for a good night's sleep. However, we often ignore them while cleaning our bedrooms. Slowly, they get infested with dust mites and dangerous allergens. Cleaning your mattress on your own is not possible and is a very hectic task. To get it done professionally you must look for some professional assistance. We use all non-toxic and safe cleaning products with all of our services which includes our mattress cleaning. Call Area Rug Clean Manhattan for service today. We service the entire Manhattan, Bronx and Riverdale areas.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan is equipped with the most modern machinery and the widest industry experience required for the best cleaning of your mattresses. We aim to resolve your insomnia and sleeping issues by providing you the magical cleaning services.

• Cost-Effective - We clean your mattresses at a very reasonable price and save your investment on new mattress buying. You can completely trust our cleaning methods and analyze the final results yourself.

• Warranty-Based Cleaning - We prefer our client satisfaction above all. Mattresses already come with a warranty of up to ten years. However, if not cared they can wear out early. Our cleaning helps you to protect your mattress warranty and keep your satisfaction.

• Wellness and Health - Over time your mattress becomes home to many allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. These can affect your overall sleep quality as well as cause certain infections. We clean to remove all kinds of bacteria and irritants from your mattress. This blesses you with peaceful nights and a healthy lifestyle.

Area Rug Clean Manhattan's 10-step professional mattress cleaning procedure:

Pre-vacuuming - Our technicians use a strong vacuum pull to remove all the dry soil and dirt covering the surface of the mattress. This helps the re-sticking of dust on the mattress surface when it is wetted.

Pre-treatment - In pre-treatment, we apply the enzyme cleaning solution all over the mattress and rub it gently with soft brushes. This agitates the remaining dust and stains drawn over the mattress.

UV light treatment - Ultraviolet light is used to kill all the dust mites inhabiting your mattress. This takes a time from 5 minutes to an hour. We keep the UV treatment going on until all the mites are killed.

Sanitization - The mattress is properly sanitized in order to kill the bacterial agents growing within the mattress. This also keeps the mattress safe from future growth of these irritating organisms in it.

Steam cleaning - To agitate and dissolve all the strong stains and odors, we expose the mattress to high-temperature heat. This goes deep inside the mattress, dissolving all the stains and spills. We often mix the cleaning solution into the steaming liquid to clean up the mattress at its best.

Dry steam cleaning - Dry steam at a very high temperature is pressurized in the mattress. This helps in the further removal of stains as well as kills the bacteria living in the deeper layers of the mattress.

Vacuuming - The liquid content and the cleaning solution is completely removed from the mattress using industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. These pull each drop of water from the mattress even from its innermost layers.

IR heat or heat treatment - The bacteria which are resistant to UV light and high temperature are still left in the mattress. We use high-frequency Infrared heaters to reach out to these bacteria and kill them.

Allergy treatment - The mattress is rechecked and retreated for allergens such as pet dander and other allergy-causing particles. These are eventually removed making your mattress clean as new and free of any disease-causing bacteria.

Mattress drying - Maximum water is already extracted from the mattress by the use of vacuum machines. The leftover moisture is speed dried by using high-velocity air dryers. These pressurize highly heated dry air on the mattress takes away all the water molecules from the mattress leaving it dry and ready to use.

Deodorizing - The odors are already removed after the extensive clean-up of the mattress. We also offer customized deodorization for a mattress according to your choice. You can choose your favorite fragrance for a good night's sleep.

Why Choose Area Rug Clean Manhattan?

• Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Winning customer satisfaction has been our founding principle. We ensure your satisfaction by all means. If we ever fail to do so, we will resolve the issues you are facing.

• Easy Scheduling - We have made our scheduling process very convenient and flexible for our clients. We also provide our services in off-time or on weekends in order to meet your demands. Our team wraps up their work as quickly as possible to avoid any disturbance in your home or business activity.

• Timely Service - Our technicians are background-checked and highly professional towards their duties. We won’t waste your time ever. Our team will visit your home or office on the assigned date and time and get the job done in the assigned period.

• Committed Team - Our team responds quickly to your queries and requests. We help you choose the best home and office services suiting best to your budget.

• Advantage Over Competitors - We provide better pricing and quality services with a competitive advantage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and are fully trained to operate it well. Our rug repairs and restorations are the best in the area and you will acknowledge that after availing of our services. We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 15%

• Maintenance Program - We help you keep your home and office clean and allergen-free by providing you long-time cleaning services. You can customize your home or office maintenance program by signing up with us. We provide you free reminders and bookings. Cancel anytime.

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